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Mariah ​Stillbrook

Fantasy & horror author

"Magic is nothing more than energy, as is the ​emotion of love. So, my advice to you, witches, ​and those who claim to be otherwise, is to keep ​your love grounded. Don’t be afraid of it, and ​above all else, believe."

​​Arianna, In The Pines


Golden Butterfly
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Hi, I'm Mariah!

originally from Iowa, I currently live in Colorado with my ​white German shepherd, husband, and little girl. I graduated ​with a ba in english from the University of Colorado at ​Colorado Springs many moons ago. These days I spend most ​of my time writing, reading, momming, and enjoying the ​occasional hike. In my late twenties i realized my writing ​was missing something, magic. i now focus my writing on ​horror and urban fantasy in both adult and young adult ​genres. I’m also pansexual, so expect to find LGBTQI+ themes​ in most everything I write.​


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In the Pines

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Two witches, two secrets, and a curse that could tear a family apart.

Olivia and Ellie have lived their lives knowing a dark entity is stalking their ​family, determined to kill them all. After the death of Olivia’s son, she ​abandons her magic and her family, leaving Ellie in a nightmare of heartbreak, ​her marriage crumbling and her sister gone. Determined to save their mother ​Arianna from a spell that left her comatose, the two sisters must come together ​to unravel the riddle of the curse that has haunted their family for generations.

But as they delve into the past, the truth they uncover is more twisted and ​treacherous than they ever could have imagined. Will they be able to break the ​curse, or will it consume them all?

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The Lost Erwain

Embark on an enchanting journey with Makayla Wood, a 17-year-old prodigy ​destined for greatness in the human world. Makayla's life takes an unexpected ​turn when she discovers her true identity—a rare and magical being with the ​power to change destinies. Faced with the challenge of embracing her heritage, ​Makayla delves into the whimsical realm of Garlandia, where she must battle ​the darkness that threatens her homeland.

As Makayla navigates her newfound powers and confronts the mysteries of ​Garlandia, she discovers an unlikely ally in Toby, the heir to the elven throne. ​Their forbidden connection, shrouded in intrigue and danger, adds a layer of ​complexity to Makayla's quest for justice. Unraveling the secrets of her past, ​Makayla confronts a malevolent force seeking dark magic at the cost of innocent ​lives.

In a riveting blend of fantasy and self-discovery, Makayla's journey transcends ​worlds, weaving a tale of love, courage, and the pursuit of justice. Will she ​overcome the challenges of her magical heritage and return to her ordinary life, ​or will Makayla choose to embrace her destiny and confront the ancient ​prophecy foretelling her extraordinary future?

Prepare to be spellbound by The Lost Erwain; a captivating novel that explores ​the depths of magic, love, and the enduring quest for justice in a world where ​destinies are written in the stars.

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Glittery glow butterfly
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Coming Soon

(Cover reveal still to come)

The Hall ​of Shadows

November 2024

YA Horror

A deck of cursed oracle ​cards.

13 different dimensions of ​shadow work.

Once you’re in there’s no ​turning back.

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Praise for In ​the Pines...

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